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Coaching Program

Get Big Results and Make Meaningful Connections

Behind all high-performers are a group of coaches and/or like-minded people who inspire and push them forward. 


We believe having a supportive community of powerhouse women can make your personal and career transformation more effective and fun.


Learn and laugh with other women who have the courage to say mediocrity and status-quo are no longer acceptable. 

Over the course of 16 weeks, you will be guided through a simple, yet powerful program which will:

- Reveal and Clarify what you truly desire in your personal and professional lives.

- Reconnect to the version of yourself that is capable, courageous, and begging you to make a meaningful change.

- Inspire massive action.

Graduates of the program have become their own bosses, negotiated significant raises and promotions, been hired for their dream job, exited toxic work environments, restored their health, and recommitted to their marriages.

Most importantly, participants reclaim what they always knew on some quiet, but deep level - I am worthy and deserving of my success and I believe in myself enough to take risks in my life and my work.

You'll embark on a dynamic, guided journey with the support of me as your coach while walking alongside a community of other powerhouse women and boss-bitches.

Here's what you can expect:

Week 1: Meditation, and Why It's Non-Negotiable.

Week 2: Asking Big Questions and Getting Answers

Week 3: Unlocking Your Soul's Purpose

Week 4: Life Visioning

Week 5: Career Clarity Exercise

Week 6: Silence Imposter Syndrome

Week 7: Tackling Money Mindset Blocks

Week 8: Social Media Overhaul

Week 9: Create a Plan for Taking Massive Action

Week 10: LinkedIn Makeover

Week 11: Leveraging Instagram

Week 12: Leveraging Facebook 

Week 13: Resume Makeover

Week 14: Interview Training

Week 15: Salary Negotiation

Week 16: Plan to Sustain Change

As a group, we will celebrate your wins, big and small. 

Since the mindset work can bring up deeply buried feelings and thought patterns here's how you'll be supported:

- Weekly Group Zoom Sessions with Elizabeth

- Weekly "Growth Work" Modules

- Closed Facebook Group Access

- Accountability Buddy Matching  (*only if requested)

- Email Access to Elizabeth and Team

What you’ll ultimately get out of this experience:

- A renewed sense of connection to yourself and your Purpose

- A roadmap that will keep you on track and clear goals to drive you forward

- A new relationship with your fears, limiting beliefs, and mindset blocks  (they won’t disappear, but you will have the tools to work with, not against them).

- A community where you feel fully seen and supported to remind you of your mission and that you are not in it alone (just in case you forget sometimes).

If your gut is nudging you to move forward, book a 20 min call to apply and get further details.

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