How to stand out

in the crowd

ALL recruiters and Hiring Managers use LinkedIn to find talent.

Are you a needle in a haystack of qualified candidates? 

Or are you one of the first names that come up in their search?

Is your profile maximized?

Not sure?

You need a LinkedIn makeover if…

  • You’ve sent out (insert big number here) resumes without success

  • You haven’t been contacted by recruiters or hiring managers via LinkedIn in a long time, if ever

  • You’re hoping to change career paths and not sure how to rebrand yourself

  • You’re not sure which profile parts are most important for standing out

  • You want to appear in the right searches and make the best contacts for your career aspirations

  • The last time you touched your LinkedIn profile was when you were interviewing for your present job

Why you need to level-up

your LinkedIn

  • Without a robust, optimized Linkedin profile you’re doomed to get lost in a sea of competing candidates--a needle in the haystack

  • The average industry keyword search produces candidates in the hundreds of thousands (Yikes).

  • If you have an incomplete profile or are lacking SEO and keyword strategy, your profile is not appearing at the top of most searches. 

  • If a recruiter manages to stumble upon your profile, you only have, on average, 6 seconds to capture their attention.