Is your company ready to provide one of the most progressive employee benefits with incredible impact on employee engagement, impact, and loyalty?  

I contract with Fortune 500 companies, as well as startups, whose mission, products/services, and business practices hinge on the health and happiness of their teams. I provide a safe and authentic space for employees to receive ongoing support and coaching around topics and skill-set gaps they may not be comfortable disclosing to their employer directly.  

Your workforce is smart, capable, and driven.  They are also really hard on themselves and not great at managing their stress.  There is incredible creativity and energy waiting to be accessed underneath the fear and burnout.  

Contact me via the button below or send a note to to discuss how I can support your most valuable asset- your team.

Coach in Residence

Be honest: Is there a chance that your professional development has been put on the back burner because you've gradually lost passion for what you do?

With my 1:1 coaching, we'll clarify what you want out of your career and what's holding you back from proactively and aggressively going after it. 

We'll work lock-step together over 4-months to gain clarity around what your goals are, remove the mindest blocks holding you back, and get you on a clear and exciting path to achieve those goals.

Boutique 1:1 Coaching

Tailored workshops that provide the support and empowerment critical to the success of your team and brand. My 15-yrs of experience working for incredibly successful startups gave me the roadmap for cultivating: a unique company culture, fiercely loyal team members, and a goal-orientated company attitude.

*All workshops available virtually

Workshops and Trainings

Customized, authentic, motivational speeches that will empower, engage, and invigorate your team.  Having a speaker that is relatable to your team, someone who identifies with their struggles- professional or personal- and can show how to overcome obstacles and open the door to career transformation.

*All keynotes available virtually

Speaking Events