Be honest: Is there a chance that your professional development has been put on the back burner because you've gradually lost passion for what you do?

With my 1:1 coaching, we'll clarify what you want out of your career and what's holding you back from proactively and aggressively going after it. 

Boutique 1:1 Coaching

Tailored workshops that provide the support and empowerment critical to the success of your team and brand. My 15-yrs of experience working for incredibly successful startups gave me the roadmap for cultivating: a unique company culture, fiercely loyal team members, and a goal-orientated company attitude.

Workshops and Trainings

Customized, authentic, motivational speeches that will empower, engage and invigorate your team.  Having a speaker that is relatable to your team, someone who identifies with their struggles- professional or personal- and can show how to overcome obstacles and open the door to career transformation.

Speaking Events

Group coaching is the ultimate value because it offers:

- Extreme flexibility 

- Monthly targeted 1:1 sessions to tackle your specific needs

- A group atmosphere where you can get additional coaching on a multitude of topics poised by other members. Weekly Zoom Q&A calls and access to our private Facebook community, offers the maximum support for your transformation.

Online Group Coaching Programs