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Who am I?

Author, Professional Executive Coach, Spiritual Seeker, Wife, and Mom

I specialize in getting women "unstuck" so they can achieve their highest goals:

- massive career changes

- thriving in male-dominated fields

- entrepreneurship

- becoming an author

- cross country relocation

- getting back into their industry after childbirth

- thriving in their career during pregnancy 

- navigating motherhood while rising to the top in their career


How can I help you?

I work closely with clients to get crystal clear on what they want and how to go about getting it- because often the missing piece to achieving success is a lack of confidence, support, insight, focus, and momentum.


What experience do I have?

In my 15-yr sales career, I generated and managed over $20 million of business for both large corporations and scrappy startups.

Brands I worked for:

- vitaminwater & smartwater

- Coca-Cola

- Pirate's Booty

- B&G Foods

- Skinfix Luxury Skincare

Accounts I managed:

- Amazon

- Costco

- Walmart

- Target

- Kroger

- Whole Foods

- CVS & Walgreens

- Ulta

- too many others to list

I was successful because of the sky-high expectations I set for myself coupled with a never-give-up attitude; both attributes I now instill in my clients so they can crush whatever goals they have for themselves.

So why ditch my lucrative (and cushy) career in sales to start my own coaching business?

Because being of service to other women is my true passion; not making rich people richer.


Over the last 13 years, I have become an insatiable student of personal and professional development. I've fed my passion for Spiritual Growth and Awakening amidst chaos by:

  • reading 50+ books on Buddhism, Spirit Guides, Energy Medicine, and various Self-help: The Law of Attraction, Visualization, Professional Success, Entrepreneurship and Grief/ Trauma

  • completing educational programs on Soul Guidance, Post-Traumatic Holographic Memory Resolution, Life Coaching, Career Coaching, Mindful Stress Mastery, and Craniosacral therapy

  • spending 25 total days at world-renowned wellness retreats

  • having too many “Ah-Ha” moments to count

In the meantime, I gave birth to 2 children, moved cross-country, and battled chronic pain, and past traumas.

My mission is to leave this earth knowing that I made a positive impact on other women's lives and inspired them to follow their passions and achieve greatness.

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