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Elizabeth Pearson is known for her ability to navigate difficult or sensitive topics with audiences through her humor, vulnerability, and actionable tools.

She’s a sales strategy professional turned thought-leader, forthcoming author, career coach, and keynote speaker on the following topics:

  • Overcoming the Matrix of Fear by Using Emotional Intelligence

  • Working From Home with Kids: How to Ease the Burden

  • Leading Through Gratitude

  • No Such Thing as Failure: Reframing Your Stories of Failure to Springboard You to Success

  • Following What Feels Good: Finding Your Purpose

  • Harnessing Who You Truly Are to Experience True Alignment in Your Career

  • Career Clarity Through Engagement

  • Reigniting Your Career After an Extended Maternity Absence

Clients include:

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"I wanted to let you know just how fantastic you were this afternoon, and how well-received your presentation was. Our audience was highly engaged and entertained, and most of the attendees told me, post-event, how great the presentation was and how much they learned from you. 


I must also commend you for presenting amidst the loudest, most distracting outdoor environment you could possibly find in West Hollywood on a Wednesday. To quote Chandler Bing: "Could there BE any more sirens?" I thank you specifically for also bearing with us as we experiment with new formats inside - and outside - The Wing, and evaluate what's working for this new audience we're serving and studying.


Your presentation (and expertise) is a perfect model for the new programming pillars The Wing is outlining. This was a truly wonderful start to what I hope can become an even more successful series next year across our platforms and throughout the portfolio. Cheers to your flawless presentation and your human-first approach to making this content enjoyable and inspirational.

Lauren Collins,
Sr. Director of Partnership, The Wing


One-day intensive sessions to individuals and mini-groups

They are not weekly or monthly coaching sessions; they are one session of impactful and long-lasting change.

I've worked with CEOs, celebrities, professional athletes, and entrepreneurs to release the "parking brake" on their potential so they can go further, faster in their personal and professional lives. 

The sessions are designed to offer clarity in the most elusive areas of one's life or business.

Everything is customized to your audience.


I work with corporations in two ways:

1.  As a Keynote Speaker

2.  As an on-site interactive workshop facilitator with their executive and C-suite level teams to provide tactical tools that will take their confidence and performance to the next level. 


The tools provided ensure teams break through deep-seated mindset blocks, personal and professional barriers, and uncertainty that prevent them from leading their optimal lives at work and at home.

Teams leave the workshop feeling a deep connection to their career progression, as well as alignment to their inner-being and Purpose.

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