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Erica Geil

"Elizabeth is a wonderful coach and mentor. She can swiftly assess a room and determine multiple ideas for the best path forward to ensure the best use of everyone's time.

She's able to bring diverse groups together with a can-do attitude.

She's calm, inspiring, and creative."

christine eun.jfif

Christine Eun

"Elizabeth is an expert in her field. 

No matter what you're going through, she is there with you to guide the way. 

Elizabeth is adept at enabling successful women because she is one herself and knows first-hand what it takes to be a business leader. 

What truly differentiates a coach is the ability to deeply understand someone and suggest solutions tailored to their personal "operating system": their values, motivations, and thought processes. 

Elizabeth does it all and more - with humor, confidence, and optimism."  

Tamara Curl-Green

Tamara Curl-Green

"I met Elizabeth at a critical point in my career. After losing my job, my self-esteem took a major hit. I reached out for help getting my resume and LinkedIn in order but Elizabeth saw me as a whole person. She helped me reframe my thinking around my self-worth as it pertains to my career. 


With her help, I've rediscovered my passion and began to build a roster of projects that excite me.


If you're looking for a positive force to shine a light on the best parts of your career and YOU, I can't recommend Elizabeth enough."

sean schmidt

Sean Schmidt

"Working with Elizabeth has been one of the great pleasures & privileges of my life.

Through her insight, humor & relentless encouragement, Elizabeth forever changed my perspective on who I am & what I am capable of.

She will change your life if you let her."


Rebecka Marcucci

"I can’t say enough how thankful I am to have had Elizabeth on my side during my job search this year!


I’ve had the pleasure of working with Elizabeth for the past 6 months, starting shortly after I lost my job during Covid-19. When I started her coaching program, I was unsure that I’d be able to find another job opportunity amidst corporate hiring freezes and this overall trying time. I had already concluded that if I got another job, it would likely be at a pay cut.


Elizabeth's holistic approach to career coaching provided me with both tactical tools and personal growth exercises. This combination of support allowed me to not only secure a new job during a global pandemic but rewarded me with 3 job offers in 1 month.

Elizabeth helped boost my confidence during the interview process and enabled me to negotiate an offer that resulted in a 206% increase in my original salary- a salary I didn’t even think was possible.


Needless to say, the investment was well worth it. I consider her an invaluable aspect of my career development and am excited to continue working with Elizabeth as I advance through additional career milestones. "

MIchelle A.jpg

Michelle Anderson

"I’ve read ten zillion self-help books and gone to years of therapy - but just four sessions with you and my life has completely changed in all the most wonderful ways. 

Definitely worth the investment."

Ashley Mayo.jpg

Ashley Mayo

"When I reached out to Elizabeth, I felt stuck. Stuck in an unhealthy pattern at work, carrying out mundane projects that consumed my time, leaving little opportunity for meaningful growth. Committing to Elizabeth was the biggest financial investment I'd ever made in myself, and I can happily say, after five months of working with her, that it was worth every penny.

Through working with her and learning from her experience as an executive and her spiritual practices, I began to understand the real power of awareness, manifestation, and purposeful action. Elizabeth helped me understand why I felt stuck and what I could do to get unstuck. She taught me to stop making excuses, look inward, and create and commit to a plan.


If you're reading this and you're on the brink of committing to the investment, I can say with 100 percent certainty that you will not regret it. I'm so glad I found and invested in Elizabeth.


Mandy Lozano

Chief Development Officer, Spoke Sciences
Seattle, WA

"Elizabeth is amazing at what she does.

She is absolutely incredible at listening, playing back, and guiding one to a solution that THEY ARE ABLE TO IMPLEMENT. This is such a gift.


Plenty of people can do one of these things, but to do this all together and create actionable plans IN COLLABORATION with her clients is an amazing thing. I would highly recommend Elizabeth to anybody seeking to level up their career trajectory and their life.

10 out of 5 stars"


Halee Watel

"I started working with Elizabeth in February of 2020. Little did we know that COVID-19 was looming and would radically alter life as we know it.


Elizabeth’s emphasis on maintaining a positive mindset has allowed me to manifest extraordinary improvements to my life throughout an unprecedented, unpredictable global climate.


Our work together keeps me calm, focused and grateful amidst the chaos. By compassionately confronting limiting self-talk and counter-productive behaviors, Elizabeth has helped me solidify implicit confidence in myself and my professional trajectory. Most importantly, Elizabeth is there for me when I need her."


Hannah Johnston

Account Manager
Newport, CA

"Working with Elizabeth is one of the best decisions I’ve made.


When I started with Elizabeth I was deeply frustrated, experiencing high anxiety and ultimately felt stressed and stuck with no clear action plan to help my situation, which was a tangled web of personal and work combined. During our sessions, I discovered I was pregnant which gave me even more concern about how I was going to achieve what I had set out to.

Fast forward to now, I have a new career that is more than double my original salary and I am no longer constantly spiraling.


Elizabeth is the perfect blend of career help and self-care. I would not have been able to achieve my results without her. She is your number one supporter, gives unbiased constructive advice, will help you recognize unhealthy habits/patterns, and will guide you and provide the tools to help you grow both professionally and personally.  I can’t thank her enough and would highly recommend working with her."

Dom headshot.jpg

Dom Farnan

"Elizabeth is someone I am lucky enough not only to have as the Guide for my latest Chief Core group but also a friend and confidant. She is a breath of fresh air when it comes to holding space for high-performing female executives.

She is honest, compassionate, and warm. I love her direct communication style and candor.

I knew quickly I had a “lifer” when I met her, someone who will meet me on my journey and invite me on theirs"

Natalie Sterlin

Natalie Sterlin

"Elizabeth has changed my life both professionally and personally.   


She helped me work through my self-doubt and limiting beliefs to feel the inter-confidence that has always been there but hasn’t come out. She taught me skills that would allow me to be authentic while still being me.   

I now feel a new sense of openness, possibility, and energy as I tackle projects big and small and plot out major career and life goals. 

Grateful for her openness and non-judgmental ways."


"My husband found Elizabeth and gifted me coaching sessions for my birthday.

Elizabeth has been life-changing. She is the cheerleader every woman needs in her corner - she's honest, no b.s., and believes in you. 

Without her, I would not have had the courage to quit my job of 15-years and start planning a future that I had been dreaming about for 20-years. I'm confident with her continued guidance I will be able to build a successful future.

I can't recommend Elizabeth enough to women who are ready to make the next move but are afraid and/or just stuck. Do it for yourself and your loved ones!"     

Mindy Chhal-Fournier

Mindy Chahal-Fournier

"Elizabeth's help, guidance, and coaching was instrumental in getting me my dream job.

She always saw the value in me and what I had to offer.

The journey I took with her helped me see myself not through the filtres of my doubts, fears, but for who I really am."

kristen stahl.jpg

Kristen Stahl

"Elizabeth and I started our relationship at a pivotal point in my career.

As a woman leader in a male-led industry and a military spouse, I have had to work harder and perform at a higher level just for the same accolades as my peers and it had taken a toll on me personally and professionally.

Elizabeth helped me realize that I was holding myself back and allowing others to devalue me as a person. Through her expert support and extensive resources, she changed the trajectory of my career and pushed me to prioritize my own interests. Elizabeth takes the time to make sure you're thriving as a person, not just maximizing your performance as an asset to a company.



Margot Fleming

"I met Elizabeth through a trusted friend, but it was all by chance and pretty cosmic.

From the minute Elizabeth and I spoke for the first time I knew I needed to work with her. When we met I was living in a city that wasn't working out anymore, I was spiraling with depression, self-doubt, and lost identity. I was making all the excuses as to why I didn't deserve more and better and I couldn't get out of my own way.

Together we worked on the tactile elements that set you up for interviewing and finding a more rewarding career, but more importantly, Elizabeth introduced me to meditation, the power of intention, and internal work that makes you a better, more confident, loving, and kind member of society.

I know I'll be in touch with Elizabeth for many more years "

Erin B.jpg

Erin Breve

"After years of feeling lost, full of doubt, and frustrated, I read "I get women un-stuck" and knew the universe was listening to my cries for help. 


My work with Elizabeth has provided the guidance and perspective I was lacking, but it's truly her style and approach - focused, actionable steps mixed with humor & optimism -  that has encouraged me to push past self-limiting beliefs, gain confidence and get clear about what I truly want in my career.  

Towards the latter part of my sessions, COVID-19 interrupted our lives, but even amidst this chaos, she has been a tremendous source of optimism and a cheerleader to keep reaching for my goals.  

I highly recommend her for anyone needing clarity, a boost of confidence, a good laugh, and a push towards achieving their professional and personal goals.  Thank you, Elizabeth!"  


Sapna Shah

 Managing Director

Angeles Investments,

Los Angeles, CA

"Elizabeth provided me and others in my Chief Core group the rare combination of unequivocal support, balanced perspective, and strong encouragement to make the types of changes that support a more productive and fulfilling personal and professional life. 

As a coach, she demonstrated tremendous versatility in dealing with a range of challenges brought up by the group.  I would highly recommend Elizabeth for those needing objective guidance to support their professional success, those wishing to level up various aspects of their life, and those who simply need a sounding board to process unique life circumstances that may otherwise impede future growth. 
She is a caring person, a great listener, and a thoughtful source of helpful feedback." 


Crystal Yelverton

Executive Director, 
March of Dimes

Los Angeles, CA

"I have been fortunate to work with Elizabeth Pearson as I navigate the path of “what’s next” in my career. Elizabeth demonstrates genuine interest and a desire to help others succeed professionally and personally - she gets “work/life harmony.”
She has challenged me to stretch beyond where I am and gave me permission to reach for where I see myself while making specific recommendations for me to revise my approach and encouraging me to push on despite let downs I may face, particularly as a minority female leader.

Elizabeth offers tools for small, tactical actions that make a significant difference. My experience working with Elizabeth has been rewarding and fulfilling in such a way that I highly recommend her as a partner for any professional seeking guidance to support them where they are or someone seeking a thought partner to help them realize how to get to their own “what’s next.” 


Samantha Lau-White

"Elizabeth got me unstuck.

This is not an understatement. In the midst of great uncertainty (2020), Elizabeth instilled such presence and confidence in me and helped me see my path clearly.


Elizabeth's style of deep intuition and spirituality married with keen business acumen is truly special and I am so grateful to know her."


Theresa Eberhardt

Director of Project Management, Environmental Defense Fund, TX

"I grew so much professionally and personally during my time working with Elizabeth and am so grateful for the guidance she provided.
Through Elizabeth's coaching, I gained confidence in myself, clarity in my goals, and a better work-life balance. Within a few months of working with Elizabeth, I have a promotion, an international move, and several other opportunities on the horizon this year.

I highly recommend Elizabeth's coaching to anyone feeling stuck or looking to grow professionally, no matter what stage of your career you are in. If you're on the fence, it's worth the investment."

Jessica Grizzell

Jessica Grizzell

"Elizabeth has been invaluable as I navigate searching for my next role during this unprecedented COVID time. 

She finds the perfect balance between being a listening ear and cheerleader, to keeping me focused and action-based. Her insight and suggestions have greatly improved my resume and LinkedIn profile - making them more results-based and SEO friendly.

She also has helped me to optimize my networking efforts and hone in on the best way to speak to my experience and skill set based on my audience. Her input has no doubt helped me improve my job search efforts and opened up opportunities I would not have had otherwise.


Her ongoing encouragement has been integral in keeping me positive and confident in what could have been an overwhelming and challenging time. I can’t recommend working with Elizabeth enough."

Amy S.jpg

Amy Schmidt

"I began working with Elizabeth at a pivotal point in my personal and professional life. I just returned to work after having my first baby and was fraught