Christine Eun

"Elizabeth is a master of her craft. 

No matter what you're going through, she is there with you to guide the way. 

Elizabeth is adept at enabling successful women because she is one herself and knows first-hand what it takes to be a business leader. 

What truly differentiates a coach is the ability to deeply understand someone and suggest solutions tailored to their personal "operating system": their values, motivations, and thought processes. 

Elizabeth does it all and more - with humor, confidence, and optimism."  

Tamara Curl-Green

"I met Elizabeth at a critical point in my career. After losing my job, my self-esteem took a major hit. I reached out for help getting my resume and LinkedIn in order but Elizabeth saw me as a whole person. She helped me reframe my thinking around my self-worth as it pertains to my career. 


With her help, I've rediscovered my passion and began to build a roster of projects that excite me.


If you're looking for a positive force to shine a light on the best parts of your career and YOU, I can't recommend Elizabeth enough."

Sean Schmidt

"Working with Elizabeth has been one of the great pleasures & privileges of my life.

Through her insight, humor & relentless encouragement, Elizabeth forever changed my perspective on who I am & what I am capable of.

She will change your life if you let her."

Rebecka Marcucci

Product Manager, Tinder
Los Angeles, CA

"I can’t say enough how thankful I am to have had Elizabeth on my side during my job search this year!


I’ve had the pleasure of working with Elizabeth for the past 6 months, starting shortly after I lost my job during Covid-19. When I started her coaching program, I was unsure that I’d be able to find another job opportunity amidst corporate hiring freezes and this overall trying time. I had already concluded that if I got another job, it would likely be at a pay cut.


Elizabeth's holistic approach to career coaching provided me with both tactical tools and personal growth exercises. This combination of support allowed me to not only secure a new job during a global pandemic but rewarded me with 3 job offers in 1 month.

Elizabeth helped boost my confidence during the interview process and enabled me to negotiate an offer that resulted in a 45% increase in my original salary- a salary I didn’t even think was possible.


Needless to say, the investment was well worth it. I consider her an invaluable aspect of my career development and am excited to continue working with Elizabeth as I advance through additional career milestones. "

Halee Watel

"I started working with Elizabeth in February of 2020. Little did we know that COVID-19 was looming and would radically alter life as we know it.


Elizabeth’s emphasis on maintaining a positive mindset has allowed me to manifest extraordinary improvements to my life throughout an unprecedented, unpredictable global climate.


Our work together keeps me calm, focused and grateful amidst the chaos. By compassionately confronting limiting self-talk and counter-productive behaviors, Elizabeth has helped me solidify implicit confidence in myself and my professional trajectory. Most importantly, Elizabeth is there for me when I need her."

Natalie Sterlin

"Elizabeth has changed my life both professionally and personally.   


She helped me work through my self-doubt and limiting beliefs to feel the inter-confidence that has always been there but hasn’t come out. She taught me skills that would allow me to be authentic while still being me.   

I now feel a new sense of openness, possibility, and energy as I tackle projects big and small and plot out major career and life goals. 

Grateful for her openness and non-judgmental ways."

"My husband found Elizabeth and gifted me coaching sessions for my birthday.

Elizabeth has been life-changing. She is the cheerleader every woman needs in her corner - she's honest, no b.s., and believes in you. 

Without her, I would not have had the courage to quit my job of 15-years and start planning a future that I had been dreaming about for 20-years. I'm confident with her continued guidance I will be able to build a successful future.

I can't recommend Elizabeth enough to women who are ready to make the next move but are afraid and/or just stuck. Do it for yourself and your loved ones!"     

Mindy Chahal-Fournier

"Elizabeth's help, guidance, and coaching was instrumental in getting me my dream job.

She always saw the value in me and what I had to offer.

The journey I took with her helped me see myself not through the filtres of my doubts, fears, but for who I really am."

Erin Breve

"After years of feeling lost, full of doubt, and frustrated, I read "I get women un-stuck" and knew the universe was listening to my cries for help. 


My work with Elizabeth has provided the guidance and perspective I was lacking, but it's truly her style and approach - focused, actionable steps mixed with humor & optimism -  that has encouraged me to push past self-limiting beliefs, gain confidence and get clear about what I truly want in my career.  

Towards the latter part of my sessions, COVID-19 interrupted our lives, but even amidst this chaos, she has been a tremendous source of optimism and a cheerleader to keep reaching for my goals.  

I highly recommend her for anyone needing clarity, a boost of confidence, a good laugh, and a push towards achieving their professional and personal goals.  Thank you, Elizabeth!"  

"Elizabeth got me unstuck.

This is not an understatement. In the midst of great uncertainty (2020), Elizabeth instilled such presence and confidence in me and helped me see my path clearly.


Elizabeth's style of deep intuition and spirituality married with keen business acumen is truly special and I am so grateful to know her."

Jessica Grizzell

"Elizabeth has been invaluable as I navigate searching for my next role during this unprecedented COVID time. 

She finds the perfect balance between being a listening ear and cheerleader, to keeping me focused and action-based. Her insight and suggestions have greatly improved my resume and LinkedIn profile - making them more results-based and SEO friendly.

She also has helped me to optimize my networking efforts and hone in on the best way to speak to my experience and skill set based on my audience. Her input has no doubt helped me improve my job search efforts and opened up opportunities I would not have had otherwise.


Her ongoing encouragement has been integral in keeping me positive and confident in what could have been an overwhelming and challenging time. I can’t recommend working with Elizabeth enough."

Kristi Conlon

"I met Elizabeth at a time when I was trying to do it all while sacrificing my true happiness.

Elizabeth has worked with me and introduced a new way of thinking and approaching everything I do. Elizabeth is charismatic, focused, energetic and her coaching skills are exactly what I needed.

I'm grateful to have met her and would highly recommend Elizabeth to anyone who is in need of a new career change or growth within their current environment."

Region Sales Manager
Orange County, CA

Kristen Beslow

"I hired Elizabeth to help take me to the next level in my career and her guidance has been of great benefit to me.
New to the executive suite, I found myself grappling with a bit of imposter syndrome and unable to confidently trust in my experience and abilities. Through a series of well-coordinated and well-defined exercises, she helped me to clearly understand my unique strengths and how to apply them, both professionally and personally."

Vice President of Sales
San Francisco, CA

Christine Hodges

Expat Coach and Consultant

Buenos Aries, Argentina

"Elizabeth clears the path for you to make a straightforward career change, using both extensive personal experience and honed coaching skills along the way.

Her insights allow you to prioritize your time and accomplish clear steps towards entrepreneurship with ease. With her guidance, I was able to carve a coaching business from scratch - all while working overtime as an educator, mid-pandemic.


She was positive, direct, encouraging, motivating, and inspiring. 


I highly recommend Elizabeth to anyone looking to break into entrepreneurship.

Meredith Pizzurro


New York, NY

"There are times in life when God brings us, not necessarily what we want, but what we so desperately need.

When I was at my wit's end with myself, at just the right time, I was introduced to Coach Elizabeth. She met me and my half-baked dreams with empathy, kindness, and clarity. It’s a wild thing to have lots of dreams and goals and be simultaneously paralyzed by them. Her honest feedback was refreshing and confronting in the best way.

She said what I’d needed to hear for a very long time. She helped me to get a higher, clearer perspective on my goals and then helped me find a pathway to achieve them.

She taught me to advocate for myself in a productive way and how to place value on my calling. And as is the way of any coach worth their title, she gave me practices that I actively invoke on a daily basis to keep forward momentum.


As a woman working in THE male-dominated industry, the journey is both rewarding and difficult. I’m grateful for women like Elizabeth who are committed to investing in the future of women with a dream in their hearts. Because, as they say, when the tide rises all the boats lift."

Gina Geis, MD, MS

"Working with Elizabeth has been a pivotal moment in my career.

As a physician, I have always been on a prescribed path to advance through my years of training. Each step was clearly outlined and with hard work and dedication, I knew exactly where I would be at the end of training. Once I had completed those steps, I found myself wondering how I could position myself for new opportunities for growth.

Elizabeth helped me gain clarity on my short and long-term goals that have led to opportunities beyond my imagination. She has helped this practical and risk-averse professional push boundaries and break the glass ceiling.


I am forever grateful for this experience."

Brittney Barbe

EVP of HR, Sixt

Miami, FL

I relocated for a new role and in less than 30 days, I was promoted and handed a monstrous task. I was thankful and terrified for the new opportunity. I knew I needed outside support to be successful but as a young woman in the workplace, I was hesitant to admit I needed help. What would people think if they found out I hired an executive coach? Why can't I just know how to do this? Men do this every day without any help, right? 


I ran across Elizabeth's website and was drawn to the no BS, beating around the bush, and hold nothing back approach. I started working with Elizabeth with the expectation she would provide me a list of leadership development books and hard-skill resources. I wanted yet another item to check off my list. Little did I know at the time, Elizabeth was about to turn my view of myself and my work upside down in the best way possible. 


After only four short months she opened my awareness to an entirely new world of self-confidence, success, and most of all, unconditional joy. I am excelling in my new role, on track for another promotion, and actually balancing my work and personal life. 


If you are reluctant on making the investment, do not think twice!

Lauren Miller

"I feel so fortunate that Elizabeth came into my life when she did!  I felt as though I was merely slogging through my days, utterly depleted by what I viewed as the unfulfilling demands on my time and energy.  Elizabeth taught me how to re-frame my ideas about work and family so that I was able to see the limitless potential within myself.   This mental shift has had a monumental impact on my work, family, and spiritual life, bringing new energy and positivity to all my endeavors.  


Elizabeth knows what it takes to be successful and inspire action. She will push you to change your perspective and be enthusiastically proactive in creating the life you want for yourself.  She offers tools, strategies, and genuine support you need to tackle the big hurdles you may be facing.  


I highly recommend Elizabeth to anyone who is looking to find greater satisfaction and meaning in their life!"

Jaime Reynolds

Assistant Vice President

Orange County, CA

"Elizabeth is the real deal.  No BS, no sugarcoating, and definitely a worthwhile investment. 

I happened upon the words “I get women unstuck” below the name of Elizabeth Pearson in the Spring of 2019.  I wasn’t even looking for a coach.  In fact, I was passively seeking someone to help me with a very sad resume.  Those words “I get women unstuck” stayed with me.  Stuck was exactly where I was.  I found myself mid-career, mid-life and just lost.  My head was full of "maybes" and "what-ifs" that I could never seem to pull the trigger on. 

My sessions with Elizabeth opened up a dialog that drove me to discover what is possible.  The takeaways and realizations stayed with me from the end of one session and into the next.  Elizabeth was like my own personal cheerleader, counteracting all the doubt and years of self-limiting behavior.  No, it was not easy-- and you will only get out what you put into the sessions.  It’s now just a month after our last session and things have drastically changed for the better. I have a new job, with new possibilities where the sky is the limit.  I am so grateful for Elizabeth’s support and now have the tools and resources to continue moving forward."

Shannon Kruse

Founder Pop Up Pros

Los Angeles, CA

"Elizabeth is the perfect balance of career and personal coaching!


I found Elizabeth just after taking a “gap year”.  I was pretty sure I knew what I wanted to do, but needed confirmation and a partner.  Elizabeth confirmed that I could be my own boss and helped me rebrand my business.   She kept me accountable and reminded me to slow down and enjoy the process. 

Resistance came at me in full force but having Elizabeth by my side I continued on my path.  There are many reasons why I would recommend Elizabeth, but for me, it really boiled down to having a coach that was the perfect combination of professional and personal coaching.  She challenges you to be a more centered person and makes you realize that your dreams are totally achievable! 


Elizabeth is an amazing cheerleader, no fuss career coach, and a spiritual advisor."

Maggie Sadowski

"After returning to work from maternity leave, I found myself questioning where I was and where I wanted to be professionally. I knew something needed to change for me, but I didn’t know what that looked like. Then, I serendipitously stumbled upon Elizabeth’s website and my life is forever changed.

Through my conversations with Elizabeth and the tools she equipped me with, I was able to take stock of what is truly important to me and see where I want to be. Elizabeth helped me realize and become open to the possibilities that surround me and helped me understand that I can do anything I want to do – today and every day. She is living proof of that, which for me was part of what was so inspiring about working with her.

My experience with Elizabeth helped me gain much-needed clarity and open an exciting new chapter in my life. I now also believe more than ever that this exciting chapter is going to lead to even more wonderful and fulfilling chapters in my future. I have developed new habits that I will carry with me for life and gained an unwavering, badass ally who is always just a text, email, or Instagram message away."

Alisha Gallagher

Co-Founder MOB Beauty

San Francisco, CA

"Working with Elizabeth was a game-changer for me!   


I was introduced to Elizabeth during a significant transition in my career and first sought her out for very tactical direction and advice.  While she certainly provided that, I gained so much more.

Elizabeth's approach and style were just what I needed- equal parts warm hug, grounded real-life guidance and work, spirituality, motivation, inspiration, and cheerleader.  Every meeting is like hanging out with a very wise best friend.

I can't recommend her enough for anyone needing to reset their thinking, push through big hurdles, and gain clarity for the next chapter.  She offers the tools, advice, and support to usher you in a new direction and gives you the encouragement to make big moves!"


Lori Payne

VP of Sales

Orange County, CA

"As a female leader in the tech space, I work with many men and was running a team of all-male managers.  My list of challenges seemed daunting.  Elizabeth is an incredible resource and helped me see these challenges at their core issues, not just the face value, and provided the tools needed to address them head-on. 

She takes a whole-self approach which helped me reset priorities resulting in a thriving career and an abundance of quality time with my family.  I started working with Elizabeth based on my career challenges, but her approach helped me shift my personal life to a bigger priority which gave me increased happiness overall.  I love the balanced time I now have with my career, family, and friends. 


If you are on the fence about getting a coach, just pull the trigger already, you won’t be sorry!"

Cristina Ramirez

"Working with Elizabeth was not what I expected. I thought it would simply be for professional growth and thought I would be filling out worksheet after worksheet to "figure out what my passion was." Fortunately, I was wrong. I came to Elizabeth as a professional woman who had unfortunately lost sight of my path when I was hit with Guillain-Barre Syndrome. After being hospitalized for months and losing the ability to function for over a year, I had to rebuild myself. I was to the point of knowing I needed change, knowing that this disease had struck me for a reason, but I couldn't see past that.

Within just a couple of sessions, I had accomplished more in progressing my life than I had in over a year. Elizabeth gives you growth work after every session and I found myself excited to accomplish them. I now am an Auto-Immune Neurological Disorder Coach to help others with neuropathy pain. All this work had to be shared! I am so excited for what the future holds and hope to continue working with Elizabeth when I need another little kick in the right direction.


If you want positivity, authenticity, honesty, and compassion all wrapped into one, I'd highly recommend taking the plunge to work with Elizabeth. I am so happy I did! 

I have grown professionally, but more importantly, emotionally.

It's exceeded my expectations tremendously."

Laura McIver

"I hired Elizabeth while searching for my next great opportunity in the midst of the 2020 pandemic.


She immediately made me feel at ease and allowed me to focus on what was important to me and not the seemingly impossible task at hand.

I appreciated her no-nonsense, common-sense approach to setting and achieving goals to keep moving forward. Elizabeth was the consummate cheerleader and coach providing me with the confidence to continue pursuing the best opportunity without settling.


I highly recommend Elizabeth to anyone looking for clarity and guidance in their current position or looking to make a change.

I am so glad I made the decision to work with her!"

Francesca Nicoletti

"Elizabeth helped me to identify the source of my frustrations, set sight on my true goals, and ignite my motivation toward lasting growth.


Elizabeth’s guidance has helped me to recontextualize relationships I could not accept, heal wounds that were too deep for me to see, and open my heart to let what’s meant for me to flood in.

She coupled her wisdom on life with tactical instructions on how to improve my candidacy in the job market, which boosted my confidence and helped me to completely improve my interview presence. I came out of our time together excited to welcome the next opportunity into my life and manage my relationships with new tools-- and lots of love.

I cannot thank her enough!"

Slgi Jolissaint

"I sought out Elizabeth when I needed guidance and a different perspective on my current career path.  Her no B.S. approach, mixed with humor and optimism, was just what I needed.

During our one-on-one coaching, Elizabeth helped me do some serious self-reflection to set career and life goals. She boosted my confidence, helped me find what I want out of my career, and made me realize that striving for excellence and embracing vulnerability can coexist in harmony." 

Shanna Zeitler

Owner, Azure Boutique

Green Bay, WI

“After hitting a huge milestone in my business I felt stuck as to what the next steps would be. I reached out to Elizabeth and in a few shorts months, she has pushed me to think bigger and has helped me navigate my next steps personally and professionally.

She is a wealth of knowledge and I have tremendously enjoyed working with her.  

I can not wait to dive even deeper! “ 

Karen Postma

Vice President

Des Moines, IA

"I would highly recommend working with Elizabeth for those looking to grow professionally and personally.

She had wonderful insight and business sense that she applies to your unique situation. When I needed a push she was there to push me just the right amount.


Elizabeth was great at giving me new perspectives on things and allowing me to think/dream big. Sometimes we just need somebody to give us permission to want something different or bigger than we currently have within our careers-Elizabeth was that person for me."

Kelly Engebretson

Model & Actor

Minneapolis, MN

"Elizabeth’s real-world success strategies, motivation, and knack for holding me accountable did nothing short of bringing the dreams I have for myself back to life. She is equal parts badass, self-driven, success story and compassionate sage and friend. An exquisite combination for helping a woman in a mid-career rut like myself break through it and experience moments where I’ve never been prouder of myself.

After one-on-one coaching with Elizabeth, I have the confidence to take bigger risks, dream bigger dreams, and most of all, accomplish the goals I set for myself. Without a doubt, she hastened my ability to take myself seriously as a professional commercial actor (and book the jobs to back it up!) and now I’m on track to get my freelance writing up and running with the same blazing guns.

I savored every minute with Elizabeth and can’t recommend her enough to anyone seeking inspired clarity on what they want in work and life and the practical tools and insights they’ll need to be successful."

Laura Chisholm

COO RMS Beauty

Charleston, SC

"Lifechanging is not a superlative I use often … but that is Elizabeth Pearson.

My work with Elizabeth has allowed me to rapidly identify how to channel my passions and experience to define my next steps. Her program combines big picture goal setting with accountability exercises and a dose of spirituality to create an environment of positivity and support.


I highly recommend Elizabeth to anyone who is looking for ‘something more’ or to take a satisfying career to the next level."

Hiba Akhtar

Founder of BlueNoon Gelato, Writer, and Activist

Washington, D.C.

"After just 2 sessions with Elizabeth, things have changed so much in my life. I have been searching for answers all my life, trying to articulate what I feel, what I've felt for years has been missing, why I'm so sensitive to shifts in energy around me. And I have never-- never-- found anything that has spoken as directly to my experience as what I've heard in our sessions.  


When I first called her, it was on a whim. When I decided to go with my gut and sign up for coaching, it was because I felt comfortable with Elizabeth and figured for whatever reason that it's worth it. Now, I feel like my "stuckness" finally has a language. All I knew was that I didn't feel like myself-- didn't feel excited about life, didn't feel lucky, didn't feel like I was constantly on an adventure, all of the things that used to make me feel like me. I concluded that I must be depressed, went to therapy, moved, moved again, tried different career paths, to make it come back, all the while doubling down on everything that felt wrong.


Now, slowly- I have the language to articulate everything I always knew. I feel myself going back to that good-feeling place, and watching little things in my day point me in the right direction. I believe in it so deeply and I know it's real, I am so grateful to have found it again.

Though I wrestled with whether the cost would be worth it, etc... an internal feeling told me this was a step in the right direction.  


I feel like I can believe in that tiny voice again- the one that used to guide me."

Corei Parker

Customer Service Specialist

Miami, FL

"My time spent with Elizabeth will forever be life-changing.

She has helped me discover a new mindset and a sense of confidence that I never knew existed.

Whether you are starting your professional life over or climbing the corporate ladder, Elizabeth will bring out the best in you to make all your aspirations become a reality.

Her inspirational and positive attitude along with her real-world tools for positive and strategic thinking- will guide you down the path to success!"

Amy Ries

Chief Sales Officer

Philidelphia, PA

"Elizabeth is a spiritual ninja!

She single-handedly introduced and forever changed my perspective on mindfulness, manifestation and my own spiritual path. 

Elizabeth’s pace of new concept introduction is spot on - not too much too soon - but perfectly timed to meet you on your own personalized journey.

Elizabeth is the ultimate coach, cheerleader, and listener. She is an incredible motivator and always leaves me inspired and looking forward to our next connection!"