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6-month Mastermind Experience may be a fit if:
- You are a current or previous client or are a member of Chief 
- You're looking for a brain trust to help solve professional obstacles 
- You enjoy
 connecting with other women at your level across a multitude of industries
- You often feel isolated at the top
- You value expanding your professional network and making new friends
- You value confidentiality
- "Matersminds"
 freak you out a bit because you don't know who else will be in the group
*rest assured, I vet and match each group according to their goals, industry, role, and leadership level

What's included


  • 6 months (depending on group members' availability)

  • 1x per month 90 min Zoom sessions 

Growth Work

  • After each session, via my app, you’ll be assigned resources, action steps, and focus areas to ensure no momentum is lost between sessions 

  • Typically, half “Career Care” items, and half “Self-Care” items


  • Never "go it alone" again

Private sessions + 1:1 access

  • One 45-min one-on-one Initiation session.

  • Access to private EP Coaching App group for coaching, support, and connection between sessions.

Human Design Reading

  • Assessment quiz to understand your profile type

Predictive Index Asessment

  • Understand what drives you professionally, and what team makeup will best support your expansion 

Spiritual Development

  • Learn how to tap into your Spiritual Board of Advisors

  • Utilize Universal energy to become a powerful creator in your life.

Personal Branding

  • Access to my LinkedIn overhaul e-course ($499 value)

  • Personalized feedback on your profile

Interview + Negotiation Training

  • Make a knock-out first impression and get multiple job offers

  • Learn how to never leave money on the table

Results to expect


Feeling powerful and in control of your career

Image by Pepi Stojanovski

Confidence asking for what you're worth 

Image by Daiga Ellaby

Insight into why your Spirit is nudging you to do certain things

Image by

A knock-out LinkedIn profile that's optimized for SEO and impact

Image by Mor Shani

Having a clear way to communicate with your Guides and Ancestors

Image by Gerda

Strong personal and professional boundaries

Image by Benjamin Child

Personal Board of Advisors and Peer Coaches

Image by Simon Maage

A sense of self that resembles who you were before people told you who to be

Investment in yourself:
$1,500 for 6 months

If booking a chat feels like the right move, click the button below, schedule your call time, and fill out a short form.

Once you complete the form, your call will be confirmed. 

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