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Immersive 1:1 Coaching

This is the program for you if:

  • you feel undervalued and likely underpaid

  • you want to expand your professional network

  • you need to define your professional brand

  • you haven't touched your LinkedIn in a long time

  • you're ready to become a subject matter expert in your field

  • you compete with dynamic male-dominated colleagues

  • you're ready to lean into the "woo-woo" and have a spiritual awakening

What to expect


- 5 months (depending on both of our schedules)

- 2x month 55 min Zoom sessions

- Once we start, we are 100% in this together and our accessibility to each other remains long after sessions end

Human Design Reading

- Assessment Quiz 

- Personalized video explaining your profile type 

- Profile chart

Exec Communication Coaching

- We’ll role-play certain scenarios when you’ve felt insecure in the past and ensure you have a script to tackle any relationship obstacles head-on

Spiritual Development

- Learn how to tap into your Spiritual Board of Advisors

- Utilize Universal energy to become a powerful creator in your life.

Personal Branding

- LinkedIn overhaul

- Resume makeover

- Social Media *curated professional profiles

Interview Training

- Make a knock-out first impression and get multiple job offers

Custom Growth Work

- After each session, you’ll receive an email of uniquely curated resources, action steps, and focus areas to ensure no momentum is lost between sessions 

- Typically, half “Career Care” items, and half “Self-Care” items


- Access to my vast recruiter network and intros can be provided pending industry and role relevance 

- Access to current and past client network 

Salary Negotiation Training

- Never leave money on the table

- Access to my database of exec salary compensation

Stressed Woman

You feel stuck

You've lost passion and momentum in your career or personal life


You want to make a higher salary

You need to either become a better negotiator or get a better job

Image by STIL

You have an Entrepreneurial Spirit

You have always dreamed of being your own boss


You long to figure out your Purpose

You want to spiritually evolve and learn more about manifestation and Law of Attraction


You've lost touch with your younger self and her dreams for the future

You're letting your 22-yr old self down

Mom and a Child

You're sacrificing precious time with your children for a job you don't love

You come home drained- with little patience and energy left for your kids


You struggle to stand out in your male-dominated field

You work in a Boy's Club


You read my book and want 1:1 support to take action

You feel aligned with the content in the book, but need help applying it to your specific life

We should chat if:

We won't be a fit if:

If booking a chat feels like the right move, click the button below, schedule your call time, and fill out a short form.

Once you complete the form, your call will be confirmed. 

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