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When women come to work with me, they are all in different cages: a failing relationship, a self-loathing mindset, a profession that no longer serves their Soul, or they’ve fallen prey to patriarchal external conditioning.

They are scared to step out beyond the bars into their full power. I understand—the cage can feel secure and safe. But, if you sit still and reach deep into yourself, you’ll feel restless. That is your Soul begging you to go play in the unlimited abundance that’s just on the other side of your fear. 

It’s time for you to see your cage for what it is. You may feel like your bars are very thin and widely spaced. You may feel like your bars are solid walls you can’t even see through. No matter where you are in your journey, this book will help you break free and go play in your habitat that’s just waiting for you to take your first step into the grass.

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Press and Live Events

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Another Book Signing Event @ The Grove LA on June 4th @ 2pm 

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Early Praise

“My philosophy in business has always been that you have to ‘think big and dream bigger.’ Elizabeth is someone who will inspire you to drop the excuses, commit to a plan, and get winning results. She understands that no dream is ever too big to chase, and that makes her a great choice for those who aspire to be great.”

—Mike Repole, vitaminwater Co-Founder,

BODYARMOR Co-Founder, and serial entrepreneur 

“Elizabeth is proof of manifest destiny. She understands how to leverage the Law of Attraction and every other spiritual tool, which results in an almost effortless flow towards the greatness the Universe has in store for you.”
—Amy Gordinier, Founder, and CEO of Skinfix

“For overachievers, workaholics, and those who got lost on their path, this book is the roadmap you need to reignite your inner fire and align with your Soul’s calling.” 

—Amy B. Scher, bestselling author of How to Heal Yourself When No One Else Can

“Elizabeth understands that massive personal and professional success can only come when you have ‘skin in the game,’ which likely isn’t coming from a nine to five. You have to become comfortable with risk. She’ll help you burn the boats, bet heavy on yourself, and manifest everything you want out of this life.”

—Rohan Oza, Founding Partner, CAVU Venture Partners, recurring guest shark on ABC’s Shark Tank

“Elizabeth Pearson is someone with the rare ability to inspire Chief members—some of the most influential women leaders in the world—to slow down and shift their focus inward. She understands that true success isn’t solely encapsulated by the position you carry in the world but rather a combination of deep professional and personal fulfillment. Some of the thousands of our VP through C level members trust her to guide them because she’s walked in their shoes.


Elizabeth understands what’s needed to inspire women-led influence in the workplace, empower women in executive positions, and amplify the importance of diverse voices being heard right now. Her voice is one that is needed now more than ever.”

—Lindsay Kaplan, Co-Founder at Chief, a private network of the most powerful women in executive leadership

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