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There's a reason you found this site.

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Something led you here and now it's your choice whether or not to take the next step, get the support you need, and change your life.

You have 2 options:

- Fumble around for the next 5-10 yrs trying to figure it out for yourself

- Take action, get to work, and become fearless so you can finally do what you're meant to be doing in this world

If you are ready- book a call and let's talk.

How I can help-

By providing  Executive Career and Mindest Coaching for Powerhouse Women.

My no B.S. approach isn't for everyone, but if you want big changes fast- there can be no sugarcoating.

How to take the first step-

- Invest in yourself.

- Believe that you're worthy of a transformation.

You're worthy of all of it- everything you've ever dreamt of and more.

If you're craving something, it's because you're meant to have it.

- Make the decision to honor the dreams you had for yourself when you were a wide-eyed 22-year-old.

Boss-up and make her proud.

- Hire an expert coach and get a clear action plan for achieving your goals.

Why? Because no one who ever did anything great did it alone.

In a career field you love, and just need some help with your LinkedIn?

Time to pay attention to one of the most powerful social platforms that can translate into you earning more and landing your dream job.

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Laura Alexander

SVP Regis Haircare

Minneapolis, MN

"Elizabeth is a Godsend.


I sought her out as an executive coach while I was struggling to determine my core strengths and passions, and direction for the future. She helped clear the fog and focus on my goals through research, visualization, and some serious self-reflection. She provided tough love when I needed it, and a strong foundation of support throughout the process.


Her proprietary methodology is life-changing, and I highly recommend her to anyone who is seeking clarity and purpose."

Laura Chisholm

Founder LTC Beauty Consulting

Los Angeles, CA.

"Lifechanging is not a superlative I use often … but that is Elizabeth Pearson.


My work with Elizabeth has allowed me to rapidly identify how to channel my passions and experience to define my next steps. Her program combines big-picture goal setting with accountability exercises and a dose of spirituality to create an environment of positivity and support. I highly recommend Elizabeth to anyone who is looking for ‘something more’ or to take a satisfying career to the next level."

Hiba Akhtar

Founder BlueNoon Gelato

Washington, D.C.

"After just 2 sessions with Elizabeth, things have changed so much in my life. I have been searching for answers all my life, trying to articulate what I feel, what I've felt for years has been missing, why I'm so sensitive to shifts in energy around me. And I have never-- never-- found anything that has spoken as directly to my experience as what I've heard in the  


When I first called her, it was on a whim. When I decided to go with my gut and sign up for coaching, it was because I felt comfortable with Elizabeth and figured for whatever reason that it's worth it. Now, I feel like my "stuckness" finally has language. All I knew was that I didn't feel like myself-- didn't feel excited about life, didn't feel lucky, didn't feel like I was constantly on an adventure, all of the things that used to make me feel like me. I concluded that I must be depressed, went to therapy, moved, moved again, tried different career paths, to make it come back, all the while doubling down on everything that felt wrong.


Now, slowly- I have the language to articulate everything I always knew. I feel myself going back to that good-feeling place, and watching little things in my day point me in the right direction. I believe in it so deeply and I know its real, I am so grateful to have found it again.

Though I wrestled with whether the cost would be worth it, etc... an internal feeling told me this was a step in the right direction.  


I feel like I can believe in that tiny voice again- the one that used to guide me."

Christine Eun

Sr. Dir. Apple

Palo Alto, CA

"Elizabeth is a master of her craft. 

No matter what you're going through, she is there with you to guide the way. 

Elizabeth is adept at enabling successful women because she is one herself and knows first-hand what it takes to be a business leader. 

What truly differentiates a coach is the ability to deeply understand someone and suggest solutions tailored to their personal "operating system": their values, motivations, and thought processes. 

Elizabeth does it all and more - with humor, confidence, and optimism."  

Maggie Sadowski

Director of Brand Marketing

Boston, MA

"After returning to work from maternity leave I found myself questioning where I was and where I wanted to be professionally. I knew something needed to change for me, but I didn’t know what that looked like. I serendipitously stumbled upon Elizabeth’s website and my life is forever changed.

Through my conversations with Elizabeth and the tools she equipped me with, I was able to take stock of what is truly important to me and see where I want to be. Elizabeth helped me realize and become open to the possibilities that surround me and helped me understand that I can do anything I want to do – today and every day. She is living proof of that, which for me was part of what was so inspiring about working with her.

My experience with Elizabeth helped me gain much-needed clarity and open an exciting new chapter in my life. I now also believe more than ever that this exciting chapter is going to lead to even more wonderful and fulfilling chapters in my future. I have developed new habits that I will carry with me for life and gained an unwavering, badass ally who is always just a text, email, or Instagram message away."

Amy Ries

Chief Sales &

Education Officer

Philidelphia, PA

Amy Ries


Philadelphia, PA

"Elizabeth is a spiritual ninja!

She single-handedly introduced and forever changed my perspective on mindfulness, manifestation and my own spiritual path. 

Elizabeth’s pace of new concept introduction is spot on - not too much too soon - but perfectly timed to meet you on your own personalized journey.

Elizabeth is the ultimate coach, cheerleader, and listener. She is an incredible motivator and always leaves me inspired and looking forward to our next session!"

"Elizabeth’s real-world success strategies, motivation, and knack for holding me accountable did nothing short of bringing the dreams I have for myself back to life.


She is equal parts badass, self-driven, success story and compassionate sage and friend. An exquisite combination for helping a woman in a mid-career rut like myself break through it and experience moments where I’ve never been prouder of myself.

After one-on-one coaching with Elizabeth, I have the confidence to take bigger risks, dream bigger dreams, and most of all, accomplish the goals I set for myself. Without a doubt, she hastened my ability to take myself seriously as a professional commercial actor (and book the jobs to back it up!) and now I’m on track to get my freelance writing up and running with the same blazing guns.

I savored every minute with Elizabeth and can’t recommend her enough to anyone seeking inspired clarity on what they want in work and life and the practical tools and insights they’ll need to be successful."

Kelly Engebretson

Actor & Model

Minneapolis, MN

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