Get Unstuck

If you feel stuck, restless, or like you've been settling, you're in the right place.

I can help if you need support:

- Navigating your male-dominated field 

- Aligning your Soul's Purpose to your professional dreams

- Connecting to other high-powered and influential women

- Strategizing and executing a career transition

- Feeling confident and at peace in your skin

How are you feeling?

If any of the above feelings resonated with you, it's time to get the support you need and change your life.

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I'm Coach Elizabeth

I'm an ex-sales executive, turned coach.
My 15 years in corporate sales working for startups, helping them grow to acquisition, ensures that I understand your world.
My years coaching women in high-pressure, high-visibility positions, ensure that I have the tools to get you to the next level.
My spiritual awakening 10 years ago ensures I know how to get you to tap into your soul's power as well.
Take back your power and operate from a place of deep peace and confidence.
You don't have to go it alone-- your male counterparts likely aren't.


We dive in and go deep, in the very first session.
My no B.S. approach isn't for everyone, but if you want big changes fast- there can be no sugarcoating. If you're not in enough pain or frustrated enough to take massive action, then I'm not the coach for you.


- 90% or more clients have claimed to have a "spiritual awakening" making them feel more empowered and in control of their personal and professional destiny
- 74% of clients have received 5-figure salary increases
- 32% of clients received 6-figure increases to their total compensation package
- 87% of clients have transitioned into a new job if that was a goal
- 10% of clients have made international moves
- 100% of clients who were laid-off have found new, better-paying jobs


I exclusively coach women in the following fields:
- Technology - Finance - Marketing & Media - Sales (mainly with national or global reach in CPG)
- Insurance - Hospitality - Medical

Executive Leadership levels
- SVP, RVP, VP - President - C-Suite - Owner, Founder

You get unstuck by:

Investing in yourself.

If you want big, dramatic, positive change in your life it's going to require a commitment - mentally, physically, spiritually, and financially.

Being open

We'll get super-spiritual and I'll teach you how to allow your blessing to flow to you, rather than grinding and trying to force your desires to manifest.

Honor the 22-year-old-you

It's time to make her proud. She had BIG dreams for you.

But you've been telling her to "hush" while you make money, exhaust yourself for others, and fulfill "obligations".

Hiring an expert 

The person who has the job, life, or peace you want is working with a coach to get it.  They're just not announcing it.


Laura Alexander
SVP Regis Haircare
Minneapolis, MN

"Elizabeth is a Godsend.


I sought her out as an executive coach while I was struggling to determine my core strengths and passions, and direction for the future. She helped clear the fog and focus on my goals through research, visualization, and some serious self-reflection. She provided tough love when I needed it, and a strong foundation of support throughout the process.


Her proprietary methodology is life-changing, and I highly recommend her to anyone who is seeking clarity and purpose."


MIchelle A.jpg

Michelle Anderson
Founder Clopet Media
St. Petersburg, FL

"I’ve read ten zillion self-help books and gone to years of therapy - but just four sessions with you and my life has completely changed in all the most wonderful ways.

Definitely worth the investment"

laura chisholm_edited.jpg

Laura Chisholm

COO RMS Beauty

Charleston, SC

"Lifechanging is not a superlative I use often … but that is Elizabeth Pearson.


My work with Elizabeth has allowed me to rapidly identify how to channel my passions and experience to define my next steps. Her program combines big-picture goal setting with accountability exercises and a dose of spirituality to create an environment of positivity and support. I highly recommend Elizabeth to anyone who is looking for ‘something more’ or to take a satisfying career to the next level."


Rebecka Marcucci
CMO PearPop
Los Angeles, CA

"I can’t say enough how thankful I am to have had Elizabeth on my side during my job search this year!


Elizabeth's holistic approach to career coaching provided me with both tactical tools and personal growth exercises. This combination of support allowed me to not only secure a new job during a global pandemic but rewarded me with 3 job offers in 1 month.

Elizabeth helped boost my confidence during the interview process and enabled me to negotiate an offer that resulted in a 45% increase in my original salary- a salary I didn’t even think was possible.


Needless to say, the investment was well worth it. I consider her an invaluable aspect of my career development and am excited to continue working with Elizabeth as I advance through additional career milestones. "


Tamara Curl-Green

Director, Marketing Communications

Los Angeles, CA

"I met Elizabeth at a critical point in my career. After losing my job, my self-esteem took a major hit. I reached out for help getting my resume and LinkedIn in order but Elizabeth saw me as a whole person. She helped me reframe my thinking around my self-worth as it pertains to my career. 


With her help, I've rediscovered my passion and began to build a roster of projects that excite me.


If you're looking for a positive force to shine a light on the best parts of your career and YOU, I can't recommend Elizabeth enough."

sean schmidt_edited.jpg

Sean Schmidt
Director of Strategy, Nike
Portland, OR

"Working with Elizabeth has been one of the great pleasures & privileges of my life.


Through her insight, humor & relentless encouragement, Elizabeth forever changed my perspective on who I am & what I am capable of.


She will change your life if you let her."

christine eun.jfif

Christine Eun
Sr. Product Manager, Facebook
Palo Alto, CA