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4 things Working Moms REALLY Want for Mother's Day

True: the phrase ‘working mom’ pairs two synonymous words, since all mothers (and parents in general) are always on the clock. Also true: for those female professionals who balance a full-time gig with another full-time, lifelong job, Mother’s Day offers an opportunity to celebrate the magical way she somehow, pulls it all off.

1. Lighten the mental Load- have the family watch the Fairplay Documentary and buy a deck of the “chore cards” to better understand the “invisible workload” that working moms carry.

  1. Fairplay is a time-and anxiety-saving system that offers couples a completely new way to divvy up domestic responsibilities.

2. An executive coach- Many times partners try their best to “fix” obstacles that their female partners are experiencing but it’s not their job. Give her the gift of having a professional help her get to the next level in her career.

3 . For their kids to use their voice

  1. Moms long for their kids to recognize the importance of making their voices heard and to speak out. In the workplace, this is critical because it’s how you ensure you are recognized and are able to have an impact. In the personal sphere, speaking out is necessary to effect change and feel empowered. By speaking out, you recognize your power and can never regret missing opportunities.

4. One night or day a month all to themselves

  1. The most valuable commodity for a crazy busy, stressed out, pulled-in-every-direction mom is having some time alone to unwind and recharge. The gift of time – just one night a month – where mom could dash out the door for a few hours of calm would be more appreciated than anything that could be bought at a store.


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