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Money Mindset Cheat Sheet

7 Steps to Get the Mindset of a Baller

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Focus Wheel Template

The Focus Wheel Process was introduced by Law of Attraction expert Esther Hicks.

The purpose is to shift your vibration about a topic  to a higher point so that you:

  • Feel better immediately

  • Change your point of attraction

  • Manifest what you want

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5 Simple Steps to  Manifest 

Massive Abundance

into Your Life


After this 45-min webinar you'll have real tools to get you manifesting everything from a free coffee to a new job

What You Will Learn In This Masterclass:

(aka why it's worth your 45-mins)

Glasses 1

Secret #1

How to get CLARITY on what your goals are

Young latin woman practicing meditation

Secret #4

How to change your MINDSET from

Lack to Abundance


Secret #2

How to map a PATH towards those goals


Secret #5

Daily ROUTINES to kick your Manifestation into overdrive


Secret #3

How to begin to take ACTION towards those goals

About the Speaker

Elizabeth Pearson

Founder of Elizabeth Pearson Executive Coaching

Elizabeth is a Professional Coach, Spiritual Seeker, Writer, Wife, and Mom.

A certified Career and Mindset Coach, Elizabeth specializes in goal achievement for busy professionals.

She works closely with clients to get crystal-clear on what they want and how to go about getting it- because often the missing piece to achieving success is a lack of focus and momentum.

Still on the fence?

Check out some Testimontials


Amy Ries

Chief Sales & Education Officer

"Elizabeth is a spiritual and manifestation ninja!

She single-handedly introduced and forever changed my perspective on mindfulness, manifestation and my own spiritual path. 

Elizabeth’s pace of new concept introduction is spot on - not too much too soon - but perfectly timed to meet you on your own personalized journey.

Elizabeth is the ultimate coach, cheerleader, and listener. She is an incredible motivator and always leaves me inspired and looking forward to our next connection!"



"I reached out to Elizabeth at a critical time. I was preparing for a book launch, working a full-time job, taking on side projects, and trying to be a mom for my daughter who was out of school for the summer. To say I was overwhelmed was an understatement. She helped me immediately identify that while I was working "hard," I wasn't focusing on what I really wanted to be doing: writing. And that giving all my energy to my day job was pulling me further away from my goals. She helped me make a huge life decision and manifest the exact scenario I wanted.

Not only was my boss incredibly supportive, but it opened the door to view my life (and more importantly my time) in an entirely new way. Now I can focus on being a full-time writer and a full-time mother. Elizabeth's no bullshit attitude, positive energy, and true life experience make her the most relatable life coach I've ever worked with. I would recommend her to anyone who needs a sounding board or is ready to make a big change in his/her life."


Rea Frey

Bestselling Author of NOT HER DAUGHTER

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