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If you have a strong dislike for LinkedIn, this course is for you.


Even though managing your LinkedIn profile may not be as fun as posting on your other social media accounts, it's the only one that's directly tied to your income.


If you have a polished and professional LinkedIn, you can:

- get a better paying job

- start a position you are passionate about

- get a higher intial offer for a new job

- get a raise at your current job

- make powerful industry connections

- sell products

- get publicity 


LinkedIn is too powerful to ignore for another moment.


Become a Powerhouse by taking this easy, super-clear, self-paced, online course where I walk you through, in videos, exactly what to do to:


- boost your SEO (search engine optimization)

- connect with influential hiring managers and recruiters

- pitch yourself for your dream job

- get responses from hr managers and recruiters

- land interviews


Start today.

Future-you will be grateful you did.


LinkedIn Powerhouse

  • Thinking about reinventing your professional brand and attracting more of the right contacts?

    Perhaps you’ve set up your account but aren’t confident it’s optimized (aka working like a champ for you).  That means it's time to give some TLC to the social media platform that's the easist to ignore.

    By using the tools and tips provided in this self-paced course, you'll ensure you're appearing in the right searches (increasing your SEO), attracting the best opportunities and maximizing your use of this powerful career platform.

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