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Life Visioning and the 4 Stages of Spiritual Growth

Create a Life Vision for yourself and watch your Purpose unfold.

Life Vision? Like a vision board, right? Yeah, ok- I already have one of those and I still don't have the Porsche or dream body that's on it.

I get it- but we're not just talking just vision boards here people.

I have to ask... we all know what a vision board is…right? Ok, we all should know what a vision board is and have a minimum of 1 or 2 of them prominently displayed in our homes. My house has 1 huge-ass one in my office and many other mini ones in high traffic areas.

If you’ve been a skeptic and don’t really know what a vision board is, here’s a link to show you what they are and how to make one. Take your ass to Target or Michael's today an make one!

Be prepared to get some funny looks and all out belly-laughs from your family members when they spot them though. Learn to give zero fucks and keep proudly displaying your goals anywhere you can.

Ok, now let’s talk about creating a Life Vision for yourself.

This is a term coined by Michael Bernard Beckwith, a spiritual bad-ass who preaches that there are 4 stages of Spiritual Growth; which I'll take you through in just a sec.

What is Life Visioning?

It’s saying to yourself, “There’s something within me, that I can’t see, but I want it to come forward. It’s my unique pattern. Beyond anything society can comprehend- only God can see it.”

So, a vision board is laying out very detailed images of what you want to come into your life, and Life Visioning is the acceptance that you have a greater purpose that you can’t possibly comprehend.

Got it? Sweet- let’s move on to when and why we need it.

Michael tells us the best time to create a Life Vision is when circumstances and situations are pressing in upon us- when we’re at the bottom, because only then are we forced to go inward. So like for those days, months, years we feel like we're living in a constant shit-storm? Got it.

Now that we know what Life Visioning is, we're going to go thru how to do it, which requires us to undergo Four Stages of Spiritual Growth.

1. Victim consciousness- Somebody did this to me, the world isn’t fair, the reason why I’m not happy is someone else’s fault, my parents screwed-me-up, blah, blah, blah. Sound familiar?

Every victim has a victim story, and no one wants to hear it (I know from firsthand experience). But something amazing happens when you get sick and tired of being sick and tired- you have the opportunity to realize that you’re in your own way.

What do you do next? Ask for help!! (pray, meditate, visualize).

Typically, when we're having a hard go of it, it's tempting to ask dis-empowering questions that are like excuses- and we all know what they say about excuses…

Here are a few of the greatest hits:

“What’s wrong with me?’

“Who’s to blame?”

“Why me?”

“Why is this so hard?”

"What did I ever do to deserve this?"

Tisk, Tisk.

Michael says asking negatively framed questions is our first mistake because the Universe always answers our questions, and when they’re a complaint, we end-up blocking our blessings.

Wait, what?

When we’re focusing on the fact we don’t have something- the Universe thinks, ok great- you must not need it, and you won’t be able to receive it, so I won’t send it.

MB says to flip the script and make sure you only ask empowering questions- which will rise above the sludge you’re in.

“What’s my Purpose?”

“What would you have me do?”

“How can I be of service?”

Here's the catch- they must be sincere questions and we better be damn-well ready to listen and accept the answers we receive.

Michael stresses the rule is that when you ask, with sincerity, the Universe will always answer.

He says we need to be a participant in the unfolding of our lives.

There’s something unique, mighty and magnificent within each of us and it’s our job to let that unfold from within us.

So…how do we do that?

Understand that God has never made a mistake and never made anyone exactly the same.

Therefore, it’s our responsibility to discover ourselves, find out our Purpose, and express it- and that Purpose is always unfolding and changing.

If you’re like I was basically my entire adult life, you may be freaking out that you don’t think you know what your Purpose is yet. Good news, you’re off the hook because he tells us our Purpose is wherever we are at the current moment. Whew.

Ask God/the Universe what’s trying to emerge and then take baby steps in that direction. You’ll get more hints as you walk in that direction because you’ll build momentum, and the possibilities will start to reveal themselves and your potential will grow.

2. Manifester Consciousness: This is the fun part- and the part that may crush you.

Here is where the vision boards come into play because you’re unlocking you're ultimate Life Vision with visualization (seeing the life you want to live, feel it, have an emotional bond with it until it manifests).

How do you manifest all that cool shit on your vision board?

  • Establish intention and begin to see visually the kind of life you want to live.

  • Speak it into reality. Have conversations about the kind of life you want. *Warning- you're going to have to flex your zero-fucks muscle again.

  • Very Important: Only talk about it with select friends and family that you can trust. These are your “Ride or Dies” that will support you, and you can trust not to put any negative shit on your dreams, doubt your potential, or send any nasty vibes your way. I can't stress this enough!

  • Talk to the vision "I see you abundance! I see you love!”. Smile at that vision board and feel the emotions very picture brings to you- as if you already have it. If you end-up crying tears of joy while looking at your VB- bingo- you've got it!

  • Talk about the possibilities more than you talk about your problems.

  • Write it down.

  • Even if you don’t know how to get there, little tiny miracles will start to happen in your life.

  • Ignore worst case scenarios.

What if I’m trying but not manifesting anything yet you ask?

  • Give up your resistance to the circumstance. The Universe/ God is always answering- so ask yourself if you’re openly receiving what she’s telling you.

  • Are you praying or meditating in order to hear it?

  • Are you willing to do what’s necessary to embody your truest vision for your life? Like, quit your shitty job, get out of unhealthy relationships, (insert the biggest downer in your life here)?

  • Practice the "Let Go"- Have an intention (ask for what you want) and then let it go. Be OK if you don't get it.

The Manifester Conciousness is the step in the spiritual awakening that can trigger the "Dark Night of the Soul”; which really blows.

It’s when you are losing your identification with your previous identity but you don't yet have a new emerging identity. Not the old you- but not the new you.

This no man’s land can be excruciating and isolating- but I promise it’s about to get so good. Just keep trudging through.

Ask yourself often what you need to get through? Strength, peace, hope.

Then your attention shifts from resistance to the thing you asked for- which speeds up the process because you’re not down in the mud with the pain.

"Pain pushes until the vision pulls. The pain is trying to force you into having a vision that’s greater than the pain. Potential is always bigger than the problem you’re having.”- Michael Bernard Beckwith

Wake up everyday and walk in the direction of that vision.

What we need to do is pray the challenges that come activate our potential.

As you know, there is a vibrational (energy) frequency to everything. You’re drawing into yourself the vibration that you are putting out (aka karma).

"We can’t have what we’re not willing to become vibrationally."- MB

If you do get something, you’ll lose it (e.g. lottery winners). You can manipulate it for a while and get what you want, but you’ll lose it eventually if you’re not radiating the high vibration to keep it.

"You have to like yourself when you're by yourself"- Michael Bernard Beckwith

You can choose to be better. You can choose to be happy.

3. Being a Channel- Realizing that you are a body for the Universe to use to fulfill your purpose. This is when you start getting in the zone or flow.

You ask those empowering questions again: How can I be of service to you (God, Universe, whatever you call it)? What would you have me to? What is your vision for my life?

4. Being Conscious- You’re one with God/ The Universe (aka Zen). Ta-Da! You did it. You've now reached Buddhist Monk Enlightenment.

Now go get yourself a glass of wine. You earned it.

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