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Coincidence? I think not. Synchronicity.

Think of a time in your life when a "coincidence” happened that was so impressive and unbelievable it left you standing there completely slack-jawed and baffled.

Well, my friends, if you ask me, there's no such thing as coincidence. What's actually happening is this little thing called synchronicity.

Ever happen to look at the clock when it’s 11:11, 7:11, 4:44, 2:22, or 3:33?

These are Angel numbers- signs from Spirit (aka dead homies) or our Guardian Angels, which are meant to provide reassurance about a question we have in our life.

Have you ever noticed a hummingbird, dragonfly, or butterfly looking at you dead-on? Have you seen a white or gray feather right in front of you? Yes, at first you might write these off as random nothings, but if you want- you can see these as I do; as mile markers from above to help keep us on our intended path to personal growth.

If you don’t currently notice synchronicity in your life, you probably will now that they’ve been brought to your consciousness by reading this post- that’s how it works.

Once you open yourself to seeing it, it will pop up over and over again.

Psychologist Carl Jung, who coined the term synchronicity, explains that when multiple meaningful occurrences happen, it’s no coincidence- but a type of psychological and spiritual experience intended to guide your soul-force into motion. It’s designed to give us a push in a general direction. The entire path may not be initially revealed, but with a trusting connection to our intuition, it can become obvious- if we choose to follow the signs.

Synchronicity is like the Universe telling you “Warmer, Warmer, you’re getting warmer”.

Ok, so I know some of you are going to say you need proof of synchronicity otherwise it’s a bunch of witchy- B.S.

To that, I respond that while synchronicity can’t be scientifically proven, neither can intuition and I’m certain we’ve all had intuition or our “gut” guide us some way, at some point in our lives, right?

It’s something we can’t fully explain, but I chose to believe everything in this world has a vibrational energy, even though we can’t see it; just like gravity-you can’t see it but you know it’s there.

Here’s the kicker- YOU are responsible for your own synchronicities.

Your habitual thoughts- both on a conscious and sub-conscious level combined with your day-to-day actions- cause you to manifest synchronicities in a manner directly related to the law of attraction.

Not all synchronicities will lead you to a place you consciously want to be.

It’s not always going to be the answer you want to hear because they are meant to guide you down a path that will teach you lessons which will benefit you in the long run.

For example, you ask to see signs that you should stay in a bad relationship or job because leaving seems too hard to wrap your head around at the moment.

Maybe you get clear signs but are still having a hard time deciphering whether to or stay or go- so you stall. You rationalize that the timing is off, so you keep going about your life- business as usual.

My hunch is that you’ll keep getting the signs; at first, they’ll be small and dismissible.

Then they’ll get to, let’s call it, medium size- like you’ll see a new apartment complex in your city that you never noticed before. Or you’ll get recruiters reaching out to you on LinkedIn.

Still, you ignore all of those signs too- because you’re not ready to act yet.

Well watch out- because it’s then that you’ll get slapped upside the head with a big one. You’ll get fired from your job, or your relationship will hit an all-time-low that you would have never deemed as acceptable in the past.

You have to be ready, and accepting, of the answers and correlating signs you will receive once you’ve asked for help.

Here’s a personal testimonial.

When I decided to give the finger to my successful career in sales to start writing full-time and make zero dollars- to say I was scared shit-less would be a massive understatement. So, I asked for signs- lots-o-signs- from the Universe to help me decide whether to keep chasing my dream or grow the f’up and get a real job- you now the kind that you get paid for.

I said that acceptable, irrefutable signs, I would take as a huge green light to keep writing, would be seeing:

  • synchronicity in numbers

  • random white feathers

  • humming Birds or any brightly colored birds that I don’t typically see

  • things on TV or the internet that seem to be telling me to trust in myself (i.e. Youtube videos on confidence, book reviews, magazine articles or encouragement, etc)

Let me tell you- I’ve been bombarded with multiple signs every single day.

It’s laughable how many signs I get.

When you ask- the Universe answers.

There’s no way I can explain the huge white feather I saw on the floor right before walking into my daughter’s room to wake her up this morning.


I can totally explain it- synchronicity.

You see last night in bed, as I was crying and feeling overwhelming fear and doubt about keeping going along this path- I asked to see a white feather today.

I said it would be a sign to keep the faith. And I got real specific and said it couldn't a feather placed anywhere outside.

I wanted to see a feather that was legit- one that couldn’t possibly be a coincidence.

Then I got my undeniable sign first thing this morning. My angle entourage was giving me a reminder that there are no coincidences, only the perfect and divine synchronicity of the universe.

If we can open our hearts and accept these gifts- they can help influence our decisions or provide ongoing guidance in our lives.

The key is how we react to these events, so think twice before dismissing things that your gut is telling you are signs.

Keep an eye out for these other signs of synchronicity:

  • When you get a call, email, or you run into someone you were thinking of.

  • Finding a product that could solve your problem- something jumps out at you (e.g. you see a commercial for an online art course- and you happen love painting).

  • You overhear others discussing a problem you are dealing with.

  • You meet a person with the skills to solve your problem.

  • You get a reassuring message out of the blue; like a text from an old friend.

  • Seeing 11:11-this master number means you are on the right path and aligned with the greater reality

It’s up to you whether you want to follow the signs or not.

I vote you try it.

Give the Universe clear examples of signs that will act as answers to questions you have and see what happens.

What have you got to lose?

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