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7 Steps To Get The Mindset Of A Rich-B*tch

We're all guilty of it--wondering why not me? Why is it that the bulk of the financial wealth in this world is possessed by so few people? Well, after studying the habits of the rich- reading their books on success, attending conferences and webinars, and listening to too many podcasts to count- I've come up with 7 habits that are common threads throughout all my research.

Below are what wealthy people do- and equally as important- what they don't do.

Take a look an count how many you are doing- because you might be surprised how many money mindset blocks you may unknowingly have.

* side note, I use the terms "rich people" and "poor people" solely for lack of a better term. One is not good and one is not bad- all I'm sayin' is there's no nobility in scraping-by. Money is not the enemy- it's ok to want more of it for yourself...and it doesn't make you an asshole.

#1. Put down the remote and pick up a self-improvement book

Rich people read books every damn day. Poor people watch TV...and it’s probably not the kind of shows they learn anything from. Warren Buffett is the third richest man in the world and has a goal to read 500 pages He knows that knowledge gained is priceless. Not coincidentally, a common theme among the world’s most successful people is they attribute a big part of their success to reading as much as possible.

So, quit fighting your boyfriend, husband, roommate or kids for the remote; you’ve got better things to do. Download, buy or check out a book from your local library (yes those still exist)- that will improve you as an individual, and begin the process of becoming the best version of yourself. If you need to baby-step into this, you can always start by watching self-improvement videos on YouTube or listen to Podcasts on iTunes. The only prerequisite is that they have to teach you something.

#2. Focus on getting paid by the RESULTS you deliver.

Rich people get paid based on results. Poor people get paid based on the amount of time it took them to complete a project. Wrap your head around the fact that results are the real currency of the world, not effort. This shouldn’t be a shocking revelation to you. It doesn’t matter if you are the best at your specific job. If you are not contributing to the bigger picture (aka the team dream)- you won’t stand out among your peers. Don’t be afraid to make ballsy and risky moves- that’s how you’ll shock everyone and get their attention.

#3. Take 100% accountability for your current financial situation.

Rich people take responsibility for everything they have, and don't have, in their lives. Poor people blame everyone else...and you know what they say- lame people blame people. Don’t fall down the shit-talking-blame-game-rabbit hole. It’s a trap. Blaming external circumstances take away your accountability- which strip you of your power! No matter the challenge, it is up to no one but you to change it. Rich people gain self-confidence from knowing that their lives are in their own hands if they want better they do better. Stop blaming, start acting.

#4. Stop being a cheapskate with yourself.

Rich people focus on investing. Poor people focus on scrimping and saving. As multi-millionaire consultant Dan Lok said, “You don’t have a saving problem, you have an income problem.” If you’re broke you need to make more, not save more. One of the things poor people do is stress over money- rich people see it as a tool, a resource that can be used to get to where they need to go. Money merely saved does not grow; don’t leave it in your checking account or some low-return savings account where it's making a 1%-2% interest rate.

Put your money to work, and if you don't know where to start- hire a great financial advisor. If you need one, here's mine- who's amazing and super trustworthy.

You're never too broke to start paying attention to your finances.

Also, don't squirrel your money away for someday in the future when when you’re too old to enjoy it and live your best life.

#5. Stay humble.

Rich people stay humble and are always looking for ways to better themselves and learn. Poor people think they have all the answers. Ask a poor person why they are poor they’ll probably reply with an answer -or rather their belief- of why they are poor. Poor people talk about other people rather than ideas. Poor people tend to be opinionated about anything that is outside their realm of influence. Rich people are continuously learning, continuously growing and stepping out over their own boundaries in the search for self-development. Don’t participate in any conversations that you even think could be going in a negative direction. Put blinders on and don’t look back- you’re not going that way.

#6. Start LOVING other Rich Bitches

Rich people love money and look at their bank account every day. Poor people believe money is the root of all evil. Of course, money can be used to help others or to oppress and discourage others. While it’s true there are evil people with money in the world, most of the richest people in the world are extremely charitable. Ever heard of Bill and Melinda Gates? Money is just an object and people who see it as being evil are generally just using that as another excuse because they fear going after their dreams. Be the change you want to see in the world, becoming filthy fucking rich comes with the privilege of being able to help others. Become rich and make the world a better place.

#7. Stop wishing you’d win the damn lottery.

It's super tempting to fantasize about winning some obscene amount of money and having all of your financial worries evaporate, but it's not going to happen.

Adopt the mindset of the wealthy and take control of your income by believing that you make your own luck. Stop wishing and start working. Success is not a lottery, you don’t become successful by hoping and dreaming. You become successful by consistently taking massive action forward! Ditch your lottery mentality, decide where you want to be and don’t stop until you get there.

Your Bentley or beach house is waiting for you- so get to work!

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