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How to Thrive during isolation if you're an extrovert

Many extroverts may feel a bit panicked with the rolling isolation mandates that have spawned from the spread of COVID19, but there is a way to thrive during this new temporary reality.

Here are some things you may struggle with and ways to overcome them.

  • Downside: Lack of live, face to face connection.

  • Upside: Hop on the video chat bandwagon and learn to love it. You can still connect with coworkers and feel their energy and excitement for projects through video calls, plus you get to stay in the cozy, comfort of your home. Everybody wins.

Today’s video chat tools are so easy to use, you can hop on a quick 5-minute call and get almost instant answers for your boss or colleagues—much faster than if you emailed back and forth all day. You can maintain your human connection over the phone, but without the commute. You’ll have more time and energy to video chat with friends and family after work and on the weekends. And without a commute robbing you of precious time, you’ll have the desire to re-connect with people you may have lost touch with.

  • Downside: You’ll miss out on ‘water cooler talk’

  • Upside: You’ll be super productive. Soon you’ll realize how much work you can accomplish in a calmer, quieter environment that you’ll soon embrace not being surrounded by co-workers who want to pop into your office every 5 minutes.

  • Downside: Isolation can feel demotivating and even depressing

  • Upside: You can focus on your self-care. You’ll can get super consistent about working out in your home or outdoors. Start doing all the things you’ve been putting off: working out, mediating, cooking for yourself, flossing…etc. You can come out of the quarantine a new-improved version of yourself.

  • Downside: You don’t get to show off all of your cute outfits

  • Upside: Embrace your newfound ability to rock the professional mullet—dressed up on top, yoga pants on the bottom. No more uncomfortable shoes or Spanx—need we say more?

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